Rebound page 162

April 27, 2014 - 9:03 pm

Byeee Lana, have fun sobbing into your popsicle~
It’ll be a really long time until we see you again.

Meh, she has like 50 different reasons to cry, though. Balthazar being a jackass is probably the least of them.

Haha, everyone keeps talking about Balthazar’s popsicle. Chill people, they’ve only been talking for maybe 15 minutes tops since they left the store – this park is right around the corner! Ice doesn’t melt that fast D:

Yesterday it was pointed out to me that it has taken me two years to get through this scene. Literally two years. That is.. just… sad…..
And now I’ll have to go away for a while to do a bunch of environment concepts and planning for the next and following scenes, like I should have done ages ago. More delays before I can get on with drawing more pages :/
I will try and remember to post some of my sketches on our Tumblr blog so things aren’t completely dead in the meantime.